Patham Daylily Introductions
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Patsy Cunningham


Selected Seedlings
2018 Future Intros







'Wild and Crazy Guys'
Cunningham, 2011

'Piano Man' X 'Martina Verheart'

SEV, TET, EM, 26", 6", 4WB, 20B

UFO with pinching and wild ruffling. Green throat extends onto sepals as well. Diamond dusted. Mauve veined with purple, with rich purple band. Compact plant perfect for the front of a garden border. Very long blooming period on initial scapes, 6-7 weeks. Occasional rebloom in zone 6.


2010 Intro

'Papa Karol', Cunningham, 2010

'Susan Weber' X 'Indian Giver'

SEV, DIP, M, 26",4.5"

Ruffled plum purple self with bright white mid rib on both petals and sepals. Yellow green throat stipples onto the petals. Reliably hardy in my zone 6 garden, and multiples well. Fertile both ways. Named for Blessed John Paul II, Karol Wojtyła.

2009 Intros

'Donna Fuss', Cunningham, 2009

'Wizard's Puzzle' x 'Piano Man'

SEV TET, EE, 31", 5.5", 3WB, 18B (Reblooms in south)

Pale cream colored with multilayered and veined purple, lavender and grey eye prominently displayed on sepals. Ruffled with a thin pale gold edge. Reliably hardy in my zone 6 garden, and is my earliest bloomer, usually blooming in late June.  Named for a friend who lived her life with joy and love. Donna Fuss was known as the 'Rose Lady' of Elizabeth Park in Connecticut.


'Little Dinger', Cunningham 2009

Siloam Apple Blossom X Mardi Gras Parade

DOR DIP, EM, reblooms zone 6, 30" tall , 4" bloom, 32B

Rich pink with a distinctively shaped layered red eye, green throat and piecrust ruffling.  Veining is a deeper pink.  Named for our daughter Vera, from a Portuguese phrase for pretty little girl.


'Hera Help Us!', Cunningham 2009

'Siloam Apple Blossom' X 'Mardi Gras Parade'

DOR DIP, EM, rebloom zone 6, 23" tall , 4" bloom

Very pale apricot cream with a lipstick red notched eye and green throat.

'Hera help us!' was a favorite saying of Wonder Woman. Named for a remarkable young wonder woman, Hera Votolato, who has fought her way back from a devastating injury.