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  NAME Type Breeder Year Comments

Alain Blanchard 
OGR  Gallica 1839**
Alika OGR Gallica   1906 arguably a species
All the Rage S Lim, Ping 2007 apricot
American Pillar HyWich Van Fleet 1908  
Autumn Sunset LCl Lowe 1986  
Ballerina S HMsk Bentall 1937  
Baronne Prevost OGR Damask Perpetual Desprez 1842  
Basye's Purple S Basye    
Basye's Thornless S Basye    
Belinda S HyMusk      
Belle Epoque HT Fryer 1994  
Belle Poitvine S Hy Rug François-Georges-Léon Bruant     
bellestoryx.jpg (15694 bytes) Belle Story S Austin 1985  
Black Jade Min      
Botzaris OGR Damask Robert 1856  
Braveheart S Clements 1998  
Brownell Everblooming Pillar 108 LCl Brownell NR not registered
Bull's Eye shrub James 2012  

Burgundian Rose
OGR China 1664**
Cape Diamond S     
Carefree Beauty S Buck 1977  
Carefree Spirit S Meilland 2009  
Mlle Cecile Brunner Poly Pernet-Ducher 1880  
Centenaire de Lourdes F Delbard-Chambert 1958  
Charles de Mills OGR gallica unknown 1790  
Chelsea Belle Min Taylor 1987  
Cherry Parfait G Meilland 2003  
Child's Play Min Saville 1991  
City of York LCl Rosen-Tantau 1945  
Clair Matin LCl Meilland 1960  
Coffee Bean Min      
Colorific F Carruth 2009  
Complicata OGR H Gal - no date  

Copper Glow
LCl Brownell 1940
 Coral Dawn patham.jpg (94472 bytes) Coral Dawn LCl Boerner 1952  
crested sweetheart.jpg (85701 bytes) Crested Sweetheart LCl Moore 1988  
Crimson Glory HT J&P 1935  
Cl Crimson Glory.jpg (70212 bytes)  Crimson Glory, Cl. HT Cl Jackson & Perkins 1946  
curlypnk.jpg (49407 bytes) Curly Pink HT Brownell 1948  
daintymaid.jpg (23509 bytes) Dainty Maid F LeGrice 1940 lost
Dairy Maid F LeGrice 1957  
Darlow's Enigma patham.jpg (53672 bytes) Darlow's Enigma S HMsk Darlow xxxx  
Dawson S HyMult Dawson 1888  
Dick Clark G Bedard 2009  
Distant Drums S Buck 1984  
VFLOWER9.JPG (71333 bytes)  Dr. Huey LCl Thomas 1914  
Dr. John Dickman Min Fl      
dublinbayx.jpg (17833 bytes) Dublin Bay LCl McGredy 1975  
Dusky Maiden F LeGrice 1947  
Earth Song S Buck    
Edisto Min Fl      
Emely Vigorosa Fl Kordes 2005 "Bad Worishofen 2005"
ADR 2003

Etoile de Holland, Cl.
HT , Cl Leenders 1931
Excelsa S HWich Walsh 1908  
Eyeconoic Lemonade Shrub Sproul 2012  
Eyeconic Pink Lemonade Shrub Sproul 2012  
Fair Bianca S Austin 1983  
Felicite Parmentier OGR Alba Parmentier <1836**  
fourthofjulyx.jpg (19179 bytes)
Fourth of July LCl Carruth 1999  
First and Foremost Miniflora Benardella 2010 AOE
First Impression F Sproul 2009  
Friends Forever S Lowe 2001  
Full Moon Rising LCl Meilland 2008  
Gallica macrantha OGR misc   1838**  
Gentleman's Agreement Min Bridges 1998  

S HMoy 1938 Actually selected form of species
Golden Arctic.JPG (129478 bytes) Golden Arctic (#84) LCl Brownell 1954  
Golden Glow LCl Brownell 1937  
Golden Wings S Shepherd 1956 Soeur Thérèse  X (R. spinosissima altaica x Ormiston Roy)
Golden Unicorn S Buck 1985 

Great Maiden's Blush
OGR Alba <1738**
heritage 1 at cheryl netter.jpg (34024 bytes) Heritage S Austin 1985

High Hopes
LCl Harkness 1992 Compassion x Congratulations
Home Run S Carruth 2006 Knockout X Baby Love

Hot Princess
HT Rosen-Tantau 2000
  Ilse Krohn Superior S HKor Kordes 1964  Repeat blooming sport of Ilse Krohn, a cross of Brownell's Golden Glow and R.Kordesii.  Really a climber
Jeanne La Joie (2)
Min Sima 1975
Jilly Jewel Min Benardella 1996  
Julia Child Fl Carruth 2006  
KaiserinAugusteViktoria.jpg (53235 bytes) Kaiserin August Victoria, Cl. HT Cl Lambert 1897
Kitchener of Khartoum
? ? ? MR says single, San Jose Gardens and Rogersroses show as double. Double is commonly sold
Kiss Me Gr Lim, Ping    
Knockout S Radler 1999 7 petals

La Belle Sultane
OGR Gallica 1795**
Lafter HT Brownell 1948
Leading Lady Min Fl Benardella 1998  
Lemon Meringue S Radler 2005 Sport of Autumn Sunset, almost climber
Louis Odier OGR Bourbon Margottin 1851**
  Louise Clements S Clements 1996
Lunar Mist LCl Meilland 2007  
Lyda Rose S   1994  
Madame Bovary S Delbard    
Madame Gregoire Staechlin LCl Dot 1927  
Madame Hardy OGR Damask Hardy 1832**  
MmeIsaac.JPG (9777 bytes) Madame Isaac Pereire OGR Bourbon Garcon 1881

Magna Charta
OGR HP 1876
Marchesa Boccella OGR Hybrid Perpetual Deprez 1842** 
Monsieur Boncenne OGR Bourbon Liabaud 1864**  
Mother of Pearl Gr Meilland 2006 on Manny's bulletproof list
My Girl S Lim, Ping   deep pink
nearlywildx.jpg (14636 bytes) Nearly Wild F Brownell 1941 mp single
New Dawn LCl Dreer 1930
New Hampshire Statehouse LCl Lowe 2001 'William Baffin X Prairie Princess'
Old North Cemetary Rose OGR ? ?  (Marci)
Old Port F McGredy 1991
Orange Ruffels HT Brownell 1952
Othello.jpg (28416 bytes) Othello S Austin 1990
Outta the Blue (2) S Carruth 2000 Stephens' Big Purple X (International Herald Tribune  ×  Hybrid of R. soulieana)
Passionate Kisses Fl Meilland 1998  
Paul Neyron OGR Hybrid Perpetual Levet 1869
Pearl Drift S HyBracteata Legrice 1980 Mermaid X New Dawn
Pennies from Heaven Min      
Pierette (Yankee Lady) S Hy Rug Uhl 1987  
Pope John Paul II HT Zary 2006  
Poulsen's Pearl (2) F Poulsen 1949
Power Point Min      
Purple Splash LCl Carruth    
Queen Elizabeth (3) Gr Lammerts 1954

R. arkansana 'Peppermint'
OGR Species     
R. canina 'Pfanders' OGR species   1753**  
R. eglanteria OGR species   1753**  
R. gallica versicolor OGR species      
R. glauca OGR species - 1789**  
R. multiflora OGR species   1810**  
R. wichurana OGR species   1891?  

R. sericea pteracantha
(Wingthorn rose)
OGR species   1890 Only four petalled rose
Rainbow Sorbet F Bailey 2006  
Red Cascade Mini, Cl Moore 1976  
Red Duchess HT Brownell 1942
Reine Victoria OGR Bourbon Schwartz 1872 Warm rose pink, delicious scent,
Rhapsody in Blue F Cowlishaw 1999  
rhodeislandredx.jpg (12141 bytes) Rhode Island Red LCl Brownell 1957
 rosedereschtx.jpg (12827 bytes) Rose de Rescht OGR Damask unknown 0
Sally Holmes S HMsk Holmes 1976  
Sam Trivitt Min Sproul 2000  
Scarlet Moss Min Moore 1988  
Schoener's Nutkana S Hy Nutkana Schoener 1930 Rosa nutkana  × Paul Neyron
Seven Sisters S HMult unknown Japanese breeder 1817  
Sis Min Bridges 1998
 SouvenirDuDrJamain.jpg (59099 bytes) Souvenir du Dr Jamain OGR Hybrid Perpetual Lacharme 1865**
Souvenir de President Lincoln OGR B Moreau-Robert 1865** Heirloom
Starla Min Chaffin 1991  
Star Ship Min Fl Bridges 1993  
Stormy Weather LCl      
Summer Blush OGR Alba Sievers 1988  
 SummerWine.jpg (21547 bytes) Summer Wine LCl Kordes 1985
Sweet Caroline Min Williams, Michael 1998 ?
Sweet Fragrance S Lim, Ping    
Sweet Vigorosa S Kordes 2001 Neon ADR
Tess of the Durbervilles S Austin 1998  
The Bishop OGR, HGal   <1790 tentative ID
The Dark Lady S Austin 1994
TheImpressionistPatham-May02.jpg (106178 bytes) The Impressionist LCl Clements 2000
thepilgrimx.jpg (15745 bytes)  The Pilgrim S Austin 1991  
The Prince S Austin 1993
Tradescant patham.jpg (69996 bytes)  Tradescant S Austin 1994
Traviata HT Meilland 1998
Tyrelle Min , Cl      
Valentine's Day Min Fl , Cl Carruth 2006  
Verdi S HyMusk      
White Licorice F Bedard 2009  
Warm and Fuzzy Mini      
whitecap.jpg (31221 bytes) Whitecap HT , Cl Brownell 1954  
Wild Blue Yonder Gr Carruth 2004  
William Lobb OGR Moss Laffay 1855**  
William Shakespeare 2000 S Austin 2000 
 YolandeDAragon.jpg (34976 bytes) Yolande D'Aragon [2] OGR Hybrid Perpetual Vibert 1843**
Zepherine Drouhin OGR Bourbon Bizot 1868  

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