Patham Dirtworks:

Pottery for Ikebana

Patsy G Cunningham

Pawtucket, RI

Kohiki & Other Crackled Styles

This first group of vases uses a liquid clay called Kohiki slip. This was used centuries ago in Korea to thinly cover their dark clay with a layer of white while allowing decorative hints of the darker clay to be seen.

Akira Satake took this idea to a new level with his patterned kohiki slip creations. This variation uses a thick brushed layer of this slip and a multistep process which forms shaped crackles along the brush strokes, exposing the layer of clay beneath.

This allows glazes and stains to be added to the crevices as well. I love the unexpected variations of the crackles which suggest waves and cracked earth.
An additional process here uses "water-glass" and stretching to form crackles

Kohiki "Ocean" suiban
14 x 9 x 3
The SOLD items below are saved as examples. While I don't really do custom, I can make a shape you request