Patham Dirtworks:

Pottery for Ikebana

Patsy G Cunningham

Pawtucket, RI


I will be bringing my pottery to sell at the New England Botanical Center (Tower Hill) for the bi-annual Ikebana International Show Oct 13-15, the Mad Dog Open Studio on December 9 (behind the Foundry Holiday Sale in Pawtucket) and the Just in Time gift fair at Roger Williams Botanical center in late December

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New kiln opening September 7

July 9 Kiln Load

May 22 Kiln Opening

I'm excited about the new "whale tail" shape (sorry, nobody has been able to tell me any official Japanese term for these shapes so far). I'll be describing the less flared version a "fish tail". Should be a good choice for some styles of shoka and rikka. I intend to make more of these as I love the shape

March 28 Kiln Opening
The kiln fired quite hot causing a couple of large pieces to be lost due to glaze running off the bottom 🙁

February 21 Kiln Opening

January 7, 2023 Kiln Opening

November 7 Kiln Opening

October Kiln Opening